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Aquarius Monkey Horoscope, The Lively Aquarian Monkey Personality Character Traits

They have a sensible attitude toward responsibilities, but know how to keep it lighthearted to avoid getting too stressed. In relationships, they share the same mental outlook, and so are loving, giving and protective, and will generally save the playfulness for the bedroom. They will be good providers and will value the security of a settled home life with a partner they love and trust.

Versatility and lots of stamina are two useful qualities that a Scorpio Monkey personality also possesses. His or her intelligent adaptability and endurance are much-valued traits and help the Scorpio Monkey to be helpful to others and finish things he starts. These personalities tend to have lots of vigor and will mostly enjoy physical activities as hobbies.

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Their impulsiveness of thought usually makes them very good at sports and helps them release any excess energy. To relax, the Scorpio Monkey likes to spend time with the people who most understand them. These people are savers rather than spenders, but they are not usually stingy with their money, although they do love a bargain. Weaknesses in the Scorpio Monkey personality center on their tendency to not think carefully before they decide what to do and say.

This is probably the influence of the impish Monkey in these Scorpio characters.

Not many Scorpios escape it, and so the majority will need to learn how to stop and think first to minimize its presence. By recognizing its effect the Scorpio Monkey can try to avoid its rashness. The Impetuous Scorpio Monkey Personality When the mischievousness Monkey from Chinese astrology influences a Scorpio Western sun sign, it creates quite a bubbly personality. A decan is a 10 day period so each sign has 3 decans. Someone born in the first decan may have a different perspective than someone born third decan.

Very impish That was kind of freaky! I am shocked at how accurate that was. I'm not a cat.

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Sketch La Fae Now I'm happiest when alone and quite reserved. Other than that I'm still the same in the work place and always try to lift the spirits of my coworkers and I'm very impulsive and never think twice. Was too open and honest. When these individuals also have the Western influence of Leo in their birth sign, they are believed to receive an extra-large sense of the Monkey's humor. These personalities seem to find lots of things comical and always appear to be smiling.

The mischievous fun-loving Monkey presence really loosens up the sometimes overly serious Lion. This mix of character traits creates people who have a very cheery disposition and have an ability to reflect their cheerfulness. A Leo Monkey personality is usually bursting with energy, enthusiasm, sociability and charm.


They are usually quick thinkers who are decisive and can also be quite persuasive in their manner. These characters are not shy of hard work and enjoy the company of others around them, most of the time. The Leo Monkey is optimistic and direct in his or her approach to life and in their dealings with others.

They are generous and kind like the Monkey, and protective and reliable akin to the Lion, and will normally make very supportive partners. In relationships, they take commitments and responsibilities rather seriously and can be deeply wounded by betrayal. In fact the female Pig thrives best in relationships where they are certain to be cared for and looked after. Or else they usually fall for wastrels who exploit their credulity and empathy for selfish gains.

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This over-trusting nature of the Pig might seem ridiculous to the male Monkey who is far more astute and economical with his affections when it comes to giving in a relationship. Skip to main content. You are here Home.

This is not so with the Snake who would take their own time to think deeply about all the pros and cons of a situation. This kind of difference may lead each partner to misunderstand the other. Also the Monkey is a trickster at heart and loves having a spot of fun, even with their near and dear ones. Thus a big chunk of savings may be withdrawn on account of a supposedly infallible tip at the races or at the stock market.

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And while the Monkey may eventually get back several times the investment, such reckless spending may not appeal to the Snake partner. In the end, it is in their ability to keep each other mentally stimulated and sexually satisfied that would offer the best chances of a Snake and Monkey compatibility.

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In view of his curiosity and love to comprehend something new, he often becomes the initiator of various games. In intimate relations he prefers to lead, but he can give the palm to his partner. Of course, in doing so, it must fully comply with its ideal, which in practice happens rarely. With household chores he is governed in an instant, therefore the house at it always shines and pleases with the order.

From it turns out a caring husband who will delve into the affairs of his wife and help her solve them. He loves to receive guests, decorating the house and creating the appropriate environment.